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Suppliers of Quality Packaging Machinery for Pharmaceutical and Food Applications
Pharma Machinery work in partnership with manufacturers of high quality Packaging Machinery. As the only agent in the UK & Ireland for Romaco, Oli, Omag and Etipak, we pride ourselves on delivering quality machinery and providing customer support as a main priority


Romaco Romaco manufactures and distributes processing and packaging equipment for pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and chemical, and cosmetics industries.
It offers tablet/capsule counting and filling, tablet presses, blister packaging, sterile dosing and filling lines, cartoning, strip technologies, diagnostics, customized packaging and tube filling machines.
The company also provides aseptic liquid filling, powder microdosing, liquid filling and closing, and uniject machines.
"Our actions and our range of solutions are aimed at achieving the best price/performance ratio for our customers. We support our customers in generating a secure, profitable and continuous cash flow with their business. This performance is rewarded by our customers and gives us room to manoeuvre with regard to investments for the future"
The manufacturing for packaging machinery is based in three sites; two in Germany and one in Italy.

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Oli Since 1958 Oli Pack Solutions have specialised in modular final packaging machinery that can be extended to operate as a fully automatic packaging line.
As one of the leading manufacturers of packaging machines in Germany our aim is to always provide our customers with optimized packaging solutions.
oli serves almost all sectors of industries as food, pharma, cosmetics as well as various other non-food sectors.
We process bottles, folded boxes, bags, blisters, cans and of course your product as well.

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OMAG OMAG manufactures Vertical Packaging machines and Packaging machines
for 40 years, packaging machines for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Kraft, Nestlé, Ferrero, Unilever, Bayer, Novartis are just some of our customers, using OMAG packaging machinery every day in over 100 countries worldwide.
Since 1975, OMAG has been designing and manufacturing bag-sealing machines, fillers and augers for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutritional sectors: packaging machinery that are specially designed to “automatically” resolve the needs of innovative packaging solutions.

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